After many years using Office 2003, I have just had a 3 week tryout with Office 2007. I upgraded to try to overcome some problems I was having with Access (to no avail).
However after 3 weeks I still had Word macros that I couldn't get to work. There is no way to add macros to a button on the ribbon. And I still had not found a way to include any macros in the Word editor for Outlook.
For many activities that I took for granted in Word 2003, they either couldn't be done (or at least no way that I could find) or they took more mouse clicks to accomplish in 2007.
To solve the Access problems I reverted to a three month old image of my C: drive. This was pre Office 2007 and I am absolutely NOT putting it back. Now back with 2003, my macros all work in Word alone and in Word as Outlook editor. And I can do things for more quickly. Great!
So if you were considering upgrading, think long and hard. It could well not be worth the expense nor the trouble.
For the ridiculously HUGE cost of 2007, MS should have done more to ensure compatibility and ease of use.