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    Re: Faking It - a Suggestion (Access All Versions)

    Some other Scramble Data solutions:

    DataScramble.mdb (intermediate

    Data Anonymous (Scramble That Data) I

    HTH John

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    Faking It - a Suggestion (Access All Versions)

    Occasionally, I need to build a database without data. This could be for a couple of reasons; 1) the data is too sensitive for me to take away, or 2) it is for a new function and no data has been collected yet.
    Yet there is nothing like having data to test what you build.
    I also hate data entry.
    If you are in a similar situation you may find the attached Excel file to be useful. I use variations of this file to create all sorts of fake data.
    A couple of points: 1) The file makes extensive use of the RANDBETWEEN function. This requires the installation of the Analysis Toolpack (Excel 2003) Add-in.
    2) Obviously, the data I'm generating is Medicine Hat-centric, but you can find sites like Top 100 Baby Names , Wikipedia Most Common Surnames, and Vancouver Street Name List to customize your output.
    I hope you find this helpful.
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