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    Oval Template (2007)

    We host a lot of weddings. Brides often pick different names for their table seating arrangements. I would like to create an oval template 5 inches by 3 inches that I could type and center whatever table names they want. I have metal stands for them. I have a printer that prints both sides of the paper so ideally the oval on both sides would match when I cut it out. If anybody can help me with this I really would appreciate it.

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    Re: Oval Template (2007)

    In Word, you can set custom paper sizes for your documents.

    After that, you can horizontally and vertically center text on the page. Horizontal centering is part of paragraph formatting, while vertical centering is part of page setup. (At least in Word 2003 and earlier...)

    Finally, although it is possible to replicate content from one place to another using, for example, REF fields, depending on the number of cards you need to make, it might be easier to print all of the side ones first, then shuffle the desk, re-insert it into the printer, and then print all the side twos.

    If you need a decorative oval border and/or cutting lines, you can create an image and insert it into the header (e.g., as a watermark).

    Please post your work-in-progress for fine tuning if you run into problems.

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