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    Pass list box selections to field (2003)

    We use Access to create meetings recaps. Information is stored in tblMeetingRecap, presented on frmMeetingRecap. InAttendence is a field used to capture who attended the meeting. There is a lot of repetition in entering the meeting attendees. I would like to create a button to popup a simple multi-select list (data source = qryResources) where staff could be selected and then passed to the InAttendence field, ideally separated by a commas. I searched this forum and found many examples of using multi-select lists to build sql strings but not passing information as described. Not sure how to build this. Any help would be very much appreciated. Thank you.

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    Re: Pass list box selections to field (2003)

    You shouldn't store attendees in a single value. Instead create a table tblAttendance, with two fields: a field that identifies the meeting and a field that identifies the attendee. If a specific meeting has 12 attendees, there will be 12 records for this meeting in tblAttendance.
    tblAttendance implements a many-to-many relationship between meetings and attendees. Yo'd use a subform to let the user select attendees.

    See <post#=364,203>post 364,203</post#> for an example of how to handle data entry for a many-to-many relationship with a main form and subform.

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