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    Page Number Discrepancy in Indexing Word 97 SR-2 (Word 97 SR-2 (Windows 95

    I'm creating a document of hundreds of pages in separate files that I'm trying to index. I've created the {RD FileName1.doc} field code for each of the files. The index generates the text fine, just that after the first file the page numbers are four or five page numbers too low. I've tried combining the files into a single document with section breaks to keep the chapter dash page number intact. Absolutely no difference. I'd hate to convert the index to text and update by hand, but no one seems to know why section breaks or different files throws off the page numbering in the index. After all, the first section or file is fine, it's the second file or section that causes the problem. Unfortunately, the document is too big to continue the page numbering across sections and files--I really need the chapter number and to re-start the page number with each separate chapter. (The footer page numbering on each page in each separate section are perfectly behaved and correct.).


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    Re: Page Number Discrepancy in Indexing Word 97 SR-2 (Word 97 SR-2 (Window

    This might help - I know it did me:

    <A target="_blank" HREF=></A>

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    Re: Page Number Discrepancy in Indexing Word 97 SR-2 (Word 97 SR-2 (Window

    Thanks Solomod,

    It did the trick so far. I took the advice received from the Index section and turned off the display of all hidden text, etc. before generating the index. (Yes, this is counter-intuitive because this shrinks the file and would logically lower all the page number even more.) However, it works just fine now. Apparently it's part of the way Word 97 treats large files--for example the total number of pages in most sections is different in the editing view (with all settings) and the print preview--the actual number printed however, does match the print preview.

    Thanks again.

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