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    How to sort 'Records' without a table (2003)

    I have a template in which the user enters real estate deeds.

    The deeds are bookmarked in the order they are inserted from autotext.

    I'm looking for the best way to sort the deeds by "filed date" (a field in each deed record), in case they are entered out of order, so the user doesn't have to delete the deeds and re-enter them.

    Should I try to add the deeds to an expandable table, instead of bookmarking them, then modify the built in sort function?

    Is there maybe a good way to copy each deed to the clipboard, then delete all the deeds and insert them in order?


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    Re: How to sort 'Records' without a table (2003)

    Assuming that this is the same template that we've discussed before, I don't see a good way to do this, the structure of the document is not very suitable for it.

    It might be better to let the user enter the information about deeds etc. in an Access database or Excel worksheet, and to use code to generate the document from this information. When this "meta-information" changes, simply ditch the existing document and generate a new document from scratch. This would be a *lot* of work, but in the end you'd have a much more flexible setup.

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