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    Viewing Table names when you hover over Query name (2002)

    Until recently (when the 'Queries' tab is selected), I've been able to hover over a Query name and the associated Table name has displayed. This has now stopped. Do you know how I can turn this feature back on? If not, is there any quick way I can find out which tables are associated to which queries? Thanks.

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    Re: Viewing Table names when you hover over Query name (2002)

    I have never seen that feature, nor have I heard of it. To find out, you can do one the following:
    - Open the query in design view.
    - Use Tools | Analyze | Documenter.
    - Use a third-party tool such as Rick Fisher's Find and Replace - it's not free, but you can download a free trial version, and it's well worth the modest price.

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