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    Excel 2003 question (Excel 2003/sp3)

    Let's say I have an Excel spreadsheet with a column full of different numbers. So each cell has a different random number in it. The numbers represent a file size in kilobytes. Let's also say there are a few hundred cells in this column all with different values. Is there a way to easily put groupings of these cells together through a formula or something so that they add up to no more than 3 gigs but not much less than that, either? So if I have 100 cells, all with different values, what I want to do is run some command that will tell me that "these cells" added together would come out to no more than 3 gigs. I hope that makes sense.

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    Re: Excel 2003 question (Excel 2003/sp3)

    You can use the Solver add-in for this. If your Tools menu doesn't contain a Solver item, use Tools | Add-Ins to install the Solver.

    In the attached sample workbook, column A contains a series of numbers, and column B contains 0s and 1s - 0 means don't include the number in column A and 1 means do include. The Solver add-in has been used to populate column B in such a way that the sum of the included numbers (in cell E2) is maximized while meeting the following conditions:

    1) The numbers in column B are greater than or equal to 0.
    2) The numbers in column B are less than or equal to 1.
    3) The numbers in column B are whole numbers.
    4) The sum of the included numbers (in cell E2) is less than or equal to the target number (in cell E1).
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