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    Formatting to present a ratio (XP SP2)

    Dear Loungers,

    Another presentation question. I want to present ratios e.g. number of staff: number of jobs would be 1:250, how can I do this - other than by a formula with concatenated, calculated values?

    thank you.................. liz

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    Re: Formatting to present a ratio (XP SP2)

    You can format a number as a fraction, and you can specify how many digits you want to allow for the numerator and denominator, or you can specify that you want to display the fraction as halves, quarters etc. You can select these formats in the Fraction section of the Number tab of Format | Cells...
    If you specify at most 3 digits, the number 0.004 would be displayed as 1/250. There is no support for 1:250 as a format, as far as I know.

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