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    lost outlook express

    Please help...I have office 97 which I guess is where I got outlook and outlook express from on my computer. The problem is that outlook express wont work - when I click on the icon the little egg timer comes up and then goes and nothing happens. I tried to delete the outlook program and then add it again but I failed miserably and ended up salvaging it from my recycle bin!!! How can I get it to work again???? Your help is desperately needed and much appreciated!! Thanks Zindze (And to give you an indication of how computer illiterate I am, I couldn't even create a signature on here!!!)

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    Re: lost outlook express

    first, what version of outlook express do you have? since you can't open it to say, look on internet explorer's help > about menu and tell us that version.

    it's doubtfull that outlook is the problem, but you'll probably need to reinstall outlook express.

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    Re: lost outlook express

    W95 you have 3 choices . With W98 , if you have IE5.1 or higher & you
    still have IE4 installed the following applies . No IE4 only 2 choices .
    IE5.5 if over the top of 5.1 , offers 3 choices .

    You can install IE5.1 straight over 4 . A big feature with IE5 is that
    it can be repaired without uninstalling . Here is how to do it . Open
    Control Panel , Add / Remove , click on Microsoft Internet Explorer ,
    then click on add / remove down the bottom . This opens a window with
    3 choices .

    Choice 1. Add , insert your IE5 install program & you can find other
    items you may not have installed 1st time .

    Choice 2. Repair , fixes problems that may crop up with IE5 / Outlook

    Choice 3. If unfixable , removes IE5 & goes back to IE4 , now if you
    want to you can reinstall IE5 or a later version or another browser
    altogether .

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    Re: lost outlook express

    I checked my version and i am using IE5. Would my outlook express have come with IE or with Microsoft Outlook in Office 97? And i cant find outlook express anymore in my computer so i think i have deleted it but i still have Micosoft Outlook. Does this help any? And if i have to reload it where do i get it from to download it???? As you can see i have no idea when it comes to this so feel free to make your replys as simple as possible!! Thanks, Zindze

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