XP Pro SP2, Office 2003 SP2 moving to SP3

Here in the words and style of the help desk tech is the issue:
Outlook- tasks not updating. Client has assigned task to employees. The employees states that task is completed. Client does not receive any errors. Client states that it is not updating as it should. The majority of the tasks in his tasks list have been completed but do not update. Client verified on his employees machines that the tasks have been completed. There are numerous tasks that have not updated. Client also sent a task status request, but this also did not give an option to update the task in the managers tasklist.

Clients task list was not updating properly. Ran a detect and repair on outlook to have the program default back to the correct settings. This did not solve the issue. Created a new outlook profile on clients machine.

This is the gist of what was sent over to us and what I've Googled seems to only indicate this is an issue and there were not smoking gun fixes.

If anyone, including the guy who posted to himself back in 2001, has experience with this, I'd appreciate some pointers.