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    Restore Permission (XP-SP2)

    I run locate32 and previously when I clicked the quick launch icon I used to get a dialogue box stating that the file was not verified and permission had to be granted to run the application i.e. locate32.exe. my grandson clicked the box not to ask again.
    How do I restore the initial setting?

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    Re: Restore Permission (XP-SP2)

    There doesn't seem to be an easy way to do this except uninstalling, downloading and installing the program again.

    As far as I can tell, Windows creates something called an Alternate Data Stream (ADS) for downloaded files that aren't trusted. When you open such a file, Windows notices the ADS and issues a warning. If you clear the check box to always show the warning, or if you click the Unblock button in the General tab of the file's Properties dialog, its ADS is removed. You can't re-create the ADS yourself.

    Note: Alternate Data Streams are completely hidden from the user. There are tools that let you search for Alternate Data Streams, such as Streams.

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