Empty one 2-litre tub of cappuccino frozen yoghurt, using a soup spoon, wash the tub and spoon, and rinse them clean.
The next day, use them to measure out:
<LI>2 litres of chopped onion
<LI>2 litres of ground meat (pork and beef etc)
<LI>4 litres crushed tomatoes
Fry the onions, then add the ground meat in chunks about the size of an ice-cream scoop, then layer 3 of the 4 litres of crushed tomatoes on top.
Slowly bring to the boil.
To the remaining 1 litre of crushed tomatoes, add
<LI>2 soup-spoons of pepper,
<LI>2 soup-spoons of salt,
<LI>2 soup-spoons of herbs (I use whatever dried green stuff has been getting pushed to the back of the cupboard) and
<LI>2 soup-spoons of pureed ginger.
Mix this all into a pasty-slurry.

Add the 1 litre of tasty flurry to the simmering pot, stir in and simmer for an hour or so.

[Optional: I pass the whole lot through a blender at low speed to break up any remaining lumps of ground meat, then re-boil it gently]

Makes six litres of meat sauce.
I store it in three 2-litre tubs in the freezer, but sometimes have to rush out to purchase and empty two more 2-litre tubs of cappuccino frozen yoghurt.