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    Filter in form (Access 2000)

    My filter command does not show me any results.I wanted to filter the records in the form to show only those records where the field DeltaNew is blank or 0.
    I put the following command|:
    Me.FilterOn = True
    Me.Filter = Me!DeltaNew = 0

    What is wrong with my command ?

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    Re: Filter in form (Access 2000)

    The Filter property is a string. You must put quotes around it, and it should refer to fields in the record source, not to controls on the form.
    Me.Filter = "DeltaNew = 0"
    This will only display records with DeltaNew = 0. If you also want to display records where DeltaNew is null (blank), use
    Me.Filter = "DeltaNew = 0 Or DeltaView Is Null"</code>

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