I'm working on a file that uses a ton of field codes for step numbering, caption numbering, and TOC generation. This is a six chapter user guide all in one file. It's under 1 MB right now, about 60 pages, with many embedded graphics (about 22). My OS is Windows NT and I use Word 2000 with SR1. When I select all of the text and click F9 to update the fields, the fields all update. I checked in both print layout view and print preview and noticed that some graphics are now missing. Not all graphics, just some, and it doesn't appear to be consistent at all. Just a blank space where the graphics used to be. The graphics are embedded (simple copy and paste). I've seen similar behavior before but never tried to duplicate it. Just figured it was Word being Word and just replaced my graphics. This time, I selected "undo" numerous times to return the doc to the state before the updating of all fields. The graphics are there again. Weird.

I checked Microsoft's knowledge base but didn't find anything similar to this problem. I tried to figure out how to send them an email to report a bug (assuming this is a bug, heck maybe they already know about it), but it's incredibly difficult to access their support options if you don't have a support agreement. <end rant>

Has anyone ever seen this behavior before? Is there anything that can be done (other than manually updating field-by-field) to get it to stop randomly removing graphics?


PS: I've sent a couple of messages earlier in the year but never wrote back to thank the posters who sent me some advice about normal.dot weirdness and using field codes for revision numbering. So if you wrote me, thanks much! <img src=/S/grin.gif border=0 alt=grin width=15 height=15>