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    transferring a large amount of emails to a user (O

    I have a large amount of emails that I have, over the last three months, sent to a specific folder in my inbox.
    I want a new employee to go through all these emails. I selected all of them and chose 'forward to' and on his machine did a 'save as' and saved them in a local folder on his hard drive.
    The problem was that a lot of the emails have the same title, so they are overwritten and lost. Is there any way I can just allow him to access all these mails inside his outlook?


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    Re: transferring a large amount of emails to a user (O

    You can export the folder to a Personal Folders File (*.pst) and give the other user the .pst file (transfer it via the network or on CD/DVD).

    To export:
    - Select File | Import and Export...
    - Select Export to a file, then click Next.
    - Select Personal Folders File (.pst), then click Next.
    - Select the folder you want to export, and if necessary tick the check box to include subfolders, then click Next.
    - Specify a file name (and location), then click Finish.
    - Since you presumably specified the name of a new .pst file, you'll be asked some details. Give the file a descriptive display name (preferably different from the default "Personal Folders").

    The new employee can open the file by selecting File | Open | Outlook Data File...

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