Apparently MS changed the Outook object model so that now the attachments object no longer refers to a file attached to an email message???

I give up!! (for today at least)

Here's Word 97 code that works fine to attach the activedoc
to a new Outlook 2000 mail message via automation:

With objNewMessage
.To = "Kevin Paddock"
.Subject = "Change Request: " & aStr
.Body = "This Change Request Form is from " & Application.UserName & Chr(11)
.Attachments.Add ActiveDocument.FullName
.OriginatorDeliveryReportRequested = False
.ReadReceiptRequested = False
.DeleteAfterSubmit = True
End With

Returns a "failed" error when run from Word 2002 using Outlook 2002 via automation. Anyone got a clue?