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    Insert Photo (Word 2003)

    I am going to in Turkey, one of my team-mates is preparing preparing the camp newspaper. Itís a Word document. She wants to put our pictures in with the text of the articles. I sent her a jpg of myself but she doesnít know how to put it into the text. I thought all you had to do was copy and paste. What is the best way to put the picture into the text in the correct place?

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    Re: Insert Photo (Word 2003)

    There are two parts to that: how best to insert an image, and how best to position it.

    For inserting images, you often get the best file size using Insert > Picture > From File. Pasting can result in inserting a OLE object including certain editing overhead.

    If you select an image and display the Picture toolbar, the icon that has the paint can and brush brings up a helpful dialog.

    Word supports (at least) two different modes for inserted images: inline and floating. Inline images sit on the text baseline, so if they are large, they will create a huge gap between lines of text. There are two ways to address this. First is to use a two cell table, place the image in one cell and an appropriate amount of text in the other, and resize the columns until you get an attractive display. The other is to change the image to float and then position it in the body while Word flows the text around it. While The floating images offer more flexibility in positioning, be aware that you cannot see them in Normal view, and that they will be omitted from prints unless "Drawing objects" are included (check Tools > Options..., Print tab if they are not printing as expected).

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