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    write to Microsoft Database (Visual Studio )

    Hi all,

    I am trying to update a Microsoft database, at home I have no problem updating my database , with a Grid control.

    At work we have an active server directory, when I try to update a database, with the same simple setup I keep getting an error of unhandled exception, update query required.

    Other than my database settings with respect to security, are there other settings that I might need to change to enable my webpage to update the database? I can read the file no problem , but I would like to able to update the database from any computer.

    Thanks you in advance,

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    Re: write to Microsoft Database (Visual Studio )

    Are you using the identical code in both cases?

    If you search for that error message (unhandled exception update query required) on MSDN does it mention any other reasons that it might occur?

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