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    Sharing Autotext in Word (2000-2007)

    I have a group of users who want to share the autotext entries they have created in Word 2000. We are upgrading to Word 2007, so I thought this might be a good time to attempt this. First of all, where are autotext entries stored? Secondly, if they are able to save them and share, how can they save only new entries without overwriting what was already created?

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    Re: Sharing Autotext in Word (2000-2007)

    AutoText entries are stored in Word template (.dot) files. Unless the user intentionally adds them to an attached template or global template, they usually are saved in

    It might be a good idea to create a new blank template and use Word 2000's Organizer to copy the desired entries into the blank template. To avoid conflicts, they should access/update the shared template one at a time. The Organizer dialog is easily accessed through Tools > Macro > Macros..., and some folks might have it on one of their menus already.

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