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    I recently installed 'Quick Time.' My internet service moves so slow that this program is worthless to me. When I clicked on uninstall it says removing QT system extensions can cause applications to malfunction. Said to click uninstall to remove applications that came with QT. They do NOT recommend uninstall everything. My computer knowledge on scale of 1-10 is about 4. Can someone tell me do they mean applications other than QT or would it be safe to take it all out.

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    Re: uninstall

    Some movie formats require Quick Time. It's a Mac thing. The removal of QT would render these formats unplayable, which is what the warning is telling you. Uninstall it completely, but do not remove shared .dll files if you're asked. If you find trouble later, there's nothing to stop you putting it back.
    Either that or leave it where it is. I doubt it is affecting the speed of your net connection. Leave it in place unless you're desperately short of hd room.


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