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    Windows Update

    I am running Windows 98SE on a Toshiba Notebook and recently reformatted and reinstalled all my software on the hard disk, including IE 5. (Ver 5.50.4522.1800IC - SP1)

    When I attempt to use Windows Update the 'Checking Available Updates' Window Opens but does not proceed to listing the Updates, etc. The Checking Window just remains onscreen asking me to wait but nothing happens. The Window is not frozen but it just does process to the next step. Any ideas?

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    Re: Windows Update

    I don't know how long you are waiting for the window to change - but depending on the PC and your connection speed it can take a good long while for that page to load. It has to download an ActiveX control to do its thing.

    You could try this...Go to the tools menu in IE, under the general tab click on settings for Temporary Internet Files. In the resulting dialog box, click on view objects. An explorer window should open that presents a list of 'downloaded program files.'

    Close IE. Then delete the CV3 Class file. Try to reconnect to the Windows Update site, and it should download and register a new version of that file. No promises but it might be your meal ticket.

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    Re: Windows Update

    I've been helping a few people with their PC's over the last several months, and I've noticed the Windows Update site getting pretty flakey at times, doing just what you described.

    I suggest waiting a real long time (5-10 minutes) for the screen to display, and also trying multiple attempts. Sooner or later it generally works.

    You might also want to send MS a note about it, but I don't have an email address there for anyone who actually reads their email. Maybe someone else does?[img]/w3timages/icons/frank.gif[/img]

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