I have discovered a nice way to improve download time for users of your website without complicated code or script...Seems impossible doesn't it?

Assume you have a music or film file that you want a person to download that could be potentially 6Mb in size, they will have issue of having to save the file to their desktop and then play it. These downloads can take anything from a few seconds to a few minutes dependent on bandwidth.

My little method utilises Windows Media Player's ability to take on streaming of a file whilst it is downloaded and whilst being aware that the user will still be downloading the streamed file, they are viewing or listening to the file prior to the completion of the full download that improves the user experience.


Open Notepad or any text edit software and type in the location of the music or film file i.e.


for this example and then save the file as music.m3u

This file will be approximately 75 bytes in size but the music file can be much larger and all you have to link to in your HTML is the location of the m3u file i.e. My Music

To show these in action click on these links and see how fast the downloads are:

http://www.magicforest.co.uk/fun/music.m3u for music (1.5Mb)

http://www.magicforest.co.uk/fun/film.m3u for film (1Mb)