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    Slow Sum Query (2003)

    Hello All,

    I have created queries that group records into several categories and then sum a field. The data comes from a text file that I import into Access. The queries link string fields in the main table to other tables in order to group the results into the categories that I want. The problem is that these queries run very slowly or sometimes not at all, depending on how many different fields I need to group by.

    I am considering writing some code that would add the integer ID's that match the string fields to the main table, and then run the queries. My hope is that grouping by integer fields will go faster than by strings. Is this theory correct?



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    Re: Slow Sum Query (2003)

    Matching on a number field is more efficient than matching on a text field.
    Also, make sure that your tables are indexed on the fields on which you link them.

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