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    Spreadsheet in a Word form (2003)

    I have created a form which has an excel spreadsheet embedded in it so that the user can calculate some dates in the future. I am not happy with what I have created because the user has to click into the spreadsheet part of the form several times and then once again to actually enter a date. Can somebody take a look at the attached form and let me know if there is a better way to achieve results in this form without all that clicking. Thanks.
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    Re: Spreadsheet in a Word form (2003)

    I myself would create this form as an Excel workbook (.xls) and not use Word at all.

    If you prefer to use Word: since the only formulas that you use are formulas that add a varying number of days to the date entered by the user, you could use macropod's <!post=Date Calculations in Word,249902>Date Calculations in Word<!/post>. He explains how to add a number of days to a date using field codes. It works well, but still it's a lot more complicated than Excel.

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