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    Calendar (Access 2000)

    Can someone please direct me to a good calendar format. My thought is to use the data that is compiled in access?

    We have four gentlemen that do field service training. They go to many rallies throughout the year as well as conducting group and private training classes. I need to put all of their activity on a shared calendar so that the date(s), event and trainer is displayed.

    I've tried lotus notes but that is going to be a reporting nightmare when they ask me to report on various things that happened throughout the year. My thought is to have the gentlemen fill in a user friendly Adobe form created in Adobe LiveCycle and then dump the dataset into Access so I can pull multiple queries for them. I would then use the information to update a calendar stored on a shared drive so certain people can view it.

    The lotus notes calendar that we are currently using is shared and the field staff has update rights. They aren't doing a very good job updating the Lotus notes calendar so I'm hoping that if I create a form that they can fill out then I'll get the required information that I need. I would then be able to easily dump the data into access and create a nice calendar view.

    I tend to jump through too many hoops so if there is a better flow then I am open to suggestions.

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    Re: Calendar (Access 2000)

    See Calendars and Microsoft Access for some useful links.

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