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    copying style using organiser (2003 SP2)

    Hi everyone

    I have a really annoying problem with numbering. We have recently rebranded and as past of this I have created 2 toolbars for numbering - just the usual button with style at the back that puts the numbering in for you. There are hundreds of documents that need changed. What I have advised people to do is go into organiser and copy the styles from into the document they are in (after they have cleaned out the other styles, copy and pasted as unformatted text to get rid of everything). The styles seem to copy over but the numbering comes in strange. Rather than with the 1.5cm tab it should have it is ignoring the tab and putting the tre3xt right beside the number. The user has to go into modify the style, choose numbering then customise, make no changes and ok until back to the document and this fixes the issue. I have done this before with 2 previous firms and not encountered this problem so I am at a loss.

    Can anyone shed any light on why it is happening and if it can be fixed.

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    Re: copying style using organiser (2003 SP2)

    Has "Automatically update document styles" been ticked in Tools | Templates and Add-Ins...? According to Microsoft, this can lead to problems resembling what you describe - see WD2002: Styles with Custom Outline Numbering Are Unexpectedly Changed (I assume it applies to Word 2003 too).

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