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Thread: On Error (2003)

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    On Error (2003)

    I have some code that is guaranteed to generate one error and possibly two.

    For the first, I use <pre>On Error GoTo <my label></pre>

    For the second I've tried <pre>On Error GoTo <my other label></pre>

    After the first error, it goes to the first label, but when the next error gets thrown, I get an error message instead of it moving to the second label.

    Is it possible to have multiple On Error GoTo statements?
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    Re: On Error (2003)

    You can use different On Error GoTo statements, but you must take care to end each error handling section (the part starting with the label you jump to) with either Exit Sub or with one of the Resume statements (Resume, Resume Next or Resume <label>).
    Another option is to let one error handler handle all errors:

    Sub MyProc()
    On Error GoTo ErrHandler
    Exit Sub

    Select Case Err
    Case ...
    Case ...
    Case Else
    End Select
    End Sub

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