Dear Loungers,

Woody's Lounge will be moving to a shiny new server this weekend. After the move, we should be rid of the slowdowns that we've been plagued by during the last half year or so.

Unfortunately, this means that we'll have to make the Lounge read-only for a while. Starting at about 7 PM EDT (23:00 UTC) on Friday, June 27, you won't be able to post any more.

Admins Mike Wolfman and Claude Almer will spend their weekend moving the Lounge to the new server and making sure that everything works correctly there.

When the migration is finished, it will take a while before the Internet picks up the new location, so don't worry if you don't see the "new" Lounge yet during the weekend. We hope that everyone will be able to get in again on Monday, June 30 or Tuesday, July 1.

You will know that you've reached the "new" Lounge when you see a "Welcome back" message as newsflash instead of this one.

You won't have to change any settings - your bookmarks/favorites should work just the same after the move.

(I will also post this in the Lounge Matters forum)