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    Ask/Ref and Fillin (Word 2003)

    I am creating a template using an Ask/Ref and Fillin fields. The problem is that I get a prompt for the Fillin field but not for the Ask/Ref field. Also, it doesnít automatically update the header, how can I get it to update header automatically. I have seen this done else where but canít find how to do this. Any suggestions?

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    Re: Ask/Ref and Fillin (Word 2003)

    Welcome to Woody's Lounge!

    As noted in the Word help, Fill-in fields are automatically updated (causing the prompt to be displayed) when you create a new document from a template, but Ask fields aren't. You'd have to put code in the Document_Open event procedure in ThisDocument.

    If you have many Fill-In and Ask fields, the user has to react to a dialog for each separately, this is not very attractive. As an alternative, you could display a userform in which the user can enter multiple data. See <post:=259,183>post 259,183</post:> for an example.

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