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    sorting a datasheet form (access 2003)

    I have a form I use to show a failure rate percentage. The form is displayed in datasheet view. The problem I have is they want the form to show the failure rate in descening order. I sent up the query below the form to do this I even added the statement below to the order of the form but whenever a user sorts the column to ascending order the form stays that way. Is there a way that if someone does this when the close the form it reverts back to descending oder? Thanks...

    Field name: NSFailureRate
    Oder on form NSSearchFull_qry.NSFailureRate DESC

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    Re: sorting a datasheet form (access 2003)

    You might try setting the OrderByON property of the subform to False, and/or set the OrderBy property to a zero-length string.
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    Re: sorting a datasheet form (access 2003)

    You could create an On Load event procedure for the form:

    Private Sub Form_Load()
    Me.OrderBy = "NSFailureRate DESC"
    Me.OrderByOn = True
    End Sub

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