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    vb in excel - variable subst (excel 2003 11.8206.8202 sp3)

    Hello. Below is piece of a macro, whereby I am trying to pass a cell range by a variable, which itself is represented by a string concatenation. It looks like the problem is that vb doesn't see the actual range, rather, it looks like it sees the literal variable name. xystring3 has a value, and I want that value to be passed in using a character variable built from "xystring" and 3. I can use the variable xystring3 directly, and it works, but if I use another variable to represent the xystring3 variable, it chokes. Any idea how to get past this?

    Dim xyrange1 As String
    Dim xyrange2 As String
    Dim xyrange3 As String
    Dim xyrange4 As String
    Dim xyrange5 As String
    Dim xyrange6 As String
    Dim xyrange7 As String
    Dim xyrange8 As String
    Dim xyrange9 As String

    Dim seriesname As String
    Dim seriesnum As Integer

    xyrange3 = "a1:a30001,d1:d30001"

    For seriesnum = 3 To 9 Step 1

    seriesname = "xyrange" & Format$(seriesnum)
    .SeriesCollection.Add Source:=wsh.Range(seriesname)
    Set ser = .SeriesCollection(.SeriesCollection.Count)
    ser.AxisGroup = xlSecondary


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    Re: vb in excel - variable subst (excel 2003 11.8206.8202 sp3)

    You can't refer to a variable this way. You can use an array instead

    Dim xyRange(1 To 9) As String
    xyRange(1) = ...
    xyRange(9) = ...

    For seriesNum = 1 To 9
    seriesName = "xyRange" & seriesNum
    Next seriesNum

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