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    Add-ins (FrontPage 2002)

    I am looking to upgrade from FrontPage 2000 to FrontPage 2002. I have unsuccessfully tried to ask Microsoft this question.
    Usage Analysis Reports - does it have the ability to give you the IP addresses of visitors who have accessed your website.
    Can anyone help?

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    Re: Add-ins (FrontPage 2002)

    Are you referring to the new Top 10 List components? They are:

    Visited Pages - the most visited pages on your site
    Referring domains - self explanatory
    Referring URL's - self explanatory
    Search strings - the most frequently used used search strings to find the Web site
    Visiting users - the 10 most frequent users to the web site
    Operating systems - self explanatory
    Browsers - self explanatory

    I have just tried the Visiting Users list, and it doesn't work. Although the FrontPage Server Extensions are installed and working at our ISP, I suspect this new feature may require new Extensions. Anyone?
    Apart from that, I suspect it will not - the list components appear to be just username and number of visits.


    The User Analysis add-in is for when Sharepoint Team services are used. From what I have read, this is liable to only list the 'registered' user.
    From the Help Files:

    Specify Usage Analysis Settings in FrontPage 2002
    Important This feature is available on root Web sites hosted on web servers running SharePoint Team Services from Microsoft or Microsoft FrontPage

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