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    Find/Replace differences 2003-2007 (2003/2007)


    I have a spreadsheet which lists data sets on a weekly basis and uses colour (formatted by VBA code) to highlight those that were deleted from the previous load of a given data set. IN 2003, after reviewing the deleted data, I can do a global "find & replace" with the "deleted" format in the find box and no format set in the replace box. This very handily deletes all of the text in the deleted cells - a second find and replace with normal format set then reverts the format to the "normal".

    In 2007, though, this process doesn't seem to work. My working assumption is that the find & replace dialog picks up other parts of the formatting that I don't care about, such as borders or fonts, and will only find some (or none) of the affected cells. The other curiosity is that if I choose one of the cells using "choose format from cell", then even with white text, the font still shows as "automatic" - which is normally black, or has been since the year dot.

    Before I go completely mad, please help!



    PS - tried using styles, which is good but I would need to be able to search for them to delete the text, and searching for a style doesn't seem to be an option!

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    Re: Find/Replace differences 2003-2007 (2003/2007)

    I don't have Excel 2007, so I can't test, but have you clicked Clear in the Find Formatting dialog before specifying the color you want to search for?

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