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    Cannot override Unprotect Document command (Word 2003 SP 3)

    I am trying to incorporate code that warns a user against unprotecting a document. I'm having trouble overriding the Unprotect command though. When I try it out, I unprotect the document with no message box.

    Am I doing the command wrong? Here is what I have:

    <pre>Sub ToolsProtectUnprotectDocument()

    If MsgBox("Please note that the automated features of this form rely on the document's " & _
    "form elements " & _
    "remaining unchanged. Unprotecting the form could lead to file corruption and an error "& _
    "in running" & _
    "the automated features." & vbCr & vbCr & "Are you sure you wish to unprotect the form?", _
    vbYesNo, _
    "Unprotect Detected") = vbYes Then


    End If

    End Sub</pre>

    I appreciate any assistance you can offer.


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    Re: Cannot override Unprotect Document command (Word 2003 SP 3)

    Your macro works for me in Word 2002, but it only traps the Tools | Unprotect Document menu command, not the Protect / Unprotect button on the Forms toolbar, and I assume it won't work with the Protect Document task bar (or whatever it's named) in Word 2003.

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