<font color=red>problem solved.</font color=red>

I did a little searching and didn't spot a solution off the bat, so thought I'd ask...

Simple issue, may solve it yet!

On selecting a value in X drop-down, VBA to assign a value to several other drop-downs. I can explictly name them but that's no fun! Also, to make the UI more compact, sections are distributed into various tabbed pages.

So, is there a way to detect and assign values and enabled/not enabled based on change in combo X to all other combos (either on the current page or elsewhere) in VBA using a loop of some kind? I'm in the "what's the syntax?" stage, so I believe this is easy to do if you know how to ask Mr. Computer. in terms of user experience, I'd like to NOT have the screen flip over to some other page while the code is running.