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    mailing list for parties (2000, sr1)

    Is there any way to crop one or more names from the Global address list so that "surprise party" mails can be sent to the entire list minus the intended surprisee? We're using Exchange 5.5 and Outlook setup for Corporate/Workgroup. Ideally we'd like to allow the users to create their own lists, but the need is infrequent enough that we (systems) could do it upon request.

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    Re: mailing list for parties (2000, sr1)

    Yes there is.
    Open the new mail and click on To: Select the first name in the Global Address List and then scroll down to the last name in the GAL. Select this last name using SHIFT+Left mouse click.
    Then scroll back to the 'surprisee' and deselect the name using Control+Left Mouse click.
    Be aware that a) the selection process might take a long time is the list is large (there are 10000 in our GAL, so I tried this on a subset!) and [img]/forums/images/smilies/cool.gif[/img] the email will be large in Kb because of all the addressees.

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