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    YTD Data for Previous Years (Access 2003 SP3)

    I am trying to get a query criteria that will show year to date data for the same period over all previous years. The table needing analysis is a list of incidents and of course the user needs to compare YTD data with all previous years for the same period. For example, if the end date is 31st March 2008 then the query needs to show incidents within the first three months from all years starting 1st January up to end March of every year, and of course, nothing from April to December of any year.

    I've tried this but it gives me every month of all prior years and is therefore not ending at March of every year:

    Between DateSerial(Year(FormDateField)-99,1,1) And DateSerial(Year(FormDateField),Month(FormDateField ),Day(FormDateField))


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    Re: YTD Data for Previous Years (Access 2003 SP3)

    Create a new, calculated column:

    M: Month([FormDateField])

    Clear the Show check box for this column.
    For YTD data up to the end of March, set the criteria for this column to <4 (or to <=3).

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