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    Attachments Missing (OL 2003 SP2)

    One person states that whether internal or external users send email with attachments she never gets them and the senders get a message about delivery failure.

    I sent a message and the first one generated the failure as described but subsequent emails with attachments from me succeeded in generating a delivery receipt, the first one did not have the attachment. The second message tried with a delivery receipt the user got the attachment.

    Anyone have ideas, other than the interference of an anti-virus program, on what could be behind such behavior?


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    Re: Attachments Missing (OL 2003 SP2)

    Not sure - but is there the possibility that the message failure relates to attachment size, and the user is near their server-side mailbox size limit? Are these blocked attachments? Is the user running out of TIF (see thread starting with <post#=663,020>post 663,020</post#>)? And, if activated, have the user select their Deleted Items box, select Tools | Recover Deleted Items, and permanently delete unwanted items therein.
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