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    VISTA WHOAMI utility (Vista SP1)

    I stumbled upon this utility in Vista, then searched out some details.

    Vista has a new command-line utility called as the whoami utility (Who Am I?).
    With this utility, you can find out the name of the account thatís currently logged on, its SID, the names of the security groups of which itís a member, and its privileges.

    To use whoami, Run cmd.exe. To learn the name of the logged-on user, type whoami. This is particularly useful if youíre logged on as a standard user, but running an elevated Command Prompt window.

    To know about your SID, type whoami /user
    To see a list of your accountís group memberships, type whoami /groups /fo list
    To know what privileges are enabled for the logged-on account, type whoami /priv /fo list. And for a complete list of Whoami parameters, type whoami /?

    <small>Edited to Add: I see Chris ( cbaldrey ) had a similar post for XP, so I assumes this is the Vista update version? </small>

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    Re: VISTA WHOAMI utility (Vista SP1)

    Windows Vista Help: Command-line reference for IT Pros is a complete list of the command line tools available for Vista. Each has a link to a Technet article about the command.


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