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    Mail Recipient Toolbar Icon Missing in 2007 (2003/2007)

    I have an Access application that is being used via both Access 2003 and 2007. It is set up with a custom menu so that the interface "looks like" Access 2003 even when opened with Access 2007. For the most part, everything works fine. One annoyance is the "Mail Recipient" command icon I have on one of the custom toolbars (visible for reports) -- it's there and works when using Access 2003, but it is gone from this same toolbar when using Access 2007 (the other icons on this toolbar are still there and work fine). Some users use this means for sending reports and are now annoyed that it's not available now that they've upgraded to Access 2007. Is there any way to provide the users with this option in Access 2007 while maintaining compatibility with Access 2003?

    Second question (somewhat related) -- at some point (once everyone's over on Access 2007) I will probably behoove me to translate my custom menus (which are customized on start-up based on the user's permissions) over to 2007 ribbons. Can anyone recommend an "excellent" resource (web site or book) for assisting in this translation?


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    Re: Mail Recipient Toolbar Icon Missing in 2007 (2003/2007)

    I cna't help with your first question, I don't have Access 2007.

    Microsoft has an article with accompanying sample database: Customizing the Office Fluent User Interface in Access 2007. A Google search will turn up other tutorials.

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