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    Arranging Toobars (Word 2003)

    Hi. I hope I can get some general guidance and advice regarding the way my toolbars (from various add-ins) won't seem to behave. I have several add-ins: 5 DOT files and a WLL. In particular, there are two toolbars, belonging to two different add-ins, that occasionally refuse to stay arranged one-below-the-other. If I don't dock them, Word will always re-open with them exactly where I left them. But if I arrange them vertically, then the next time Word opens they are side-by-side (which wouldn't be so bad if they weren't each so big!)
    So far, the ONLY way I have found to "solve" that is to delete my I wrote code to force a save of Normal with the toolbars arranged properly, but that doesn't work. I have disabled all add-ins but the two in question, and THEN saved, but that doesn't work either. Usually, I will find myself doing things like docking the toolbars in drastically different locations (such as the bottom of the screen rather than the top), and then saving Normal, and somehow I get it to respond the way I want, but this seems like a lot of hassle to go through simply because I don't seem know some key piece of information.
    I am at a loss. Does anyone have any guidelines as to how Word handles toolbar positioning?
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    Re: Arranging Toobars (Word 2003)

    A lot of add-ins remove and re-add their toolbars, so it may well be that this will defeat any efforts to save their position because those positions do not apply to the new ones.

    I got very fed up with an add-in I use that did this in Outlook, so created a macro to re-arrange the bars. I don't run it automatically because I'm not sure how to do the timing. If you want to take a peek at the code and adapt it for Word's slightly different object model, it is over here (actually, in the next post down, since the original attachment got lost during a Lounge hard drive crash): <post#=343644>post 343644</post#>.

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