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Thread: ESET NOD32

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    ESET NOD32

    A friend has recently suggested NOD32 for total pc protection. I would be grateful if loungers could comment on any personal experiences?

    NOD32 Reviews

    I have searched the lounge, but this topic does not appear to have been covered since back in 2006. BTW, I will be using VISTA.

    Many UK dealerships (I am shopping around for a new laptop), are offering Norton 360 at a reduced rate, but one seemingly helpful shop assistant advised me to steer well clear as it uses a mass amount of system resources? Any comments?

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    Re: ESET NOD32

    Hi Nathan,

    I moved away from Norton AV and switched to NOD32 three and half years ago. I currently have the three license pack and it is run on my PC (Vista Ultimate), my wife's XP environment and my test bed PC running XP Pro.

    I was persuaded to move to NOD32 by my son who works in the software development industry in Silicon Valley. His recommendation was welcomed and I have never regretted the move. Over the years I have recommended NOD32 to many friends and they too are pleased with the performance.

    Once loaded at boot-up, it automatically checks for definition updates. It also checks throughout the day and updates when required. I have it scheduled to perform weekly full scans. However, both of my sons, who also run NOD32, question why I do the weekly scans since NOD32 does run in the background and checks all mail and scans program executables when activated. They are probably right, but old habits never die and I leave the weekly scan in place. As of this writing the scans have only flagged a couple of suspected infected files over the last 3.5 years.

    Use Google to scan for NOD32 review and check the hits for more information.

    Cheers, Bob

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    Re: ESET NOD32

    The Norton products historically have been criticized for using more system resources than other products. This might be due to the extra features bundled in, or extra processes that remain in memory, or simply the company's indifference. That said, I'm not sure whether there is an objective measurement of this issue. On a new PC, it might not be noticeable.

    Eset's NOD32 historically won comparisons based on forward-looking heuristic detection: its techniques did the best at blocking new, unknown malware. Very occasionally, this can lead to "false positives."

    I'm not familiar with the latest versions of either product. Last year I used the ZoneAlarm suite (included private-labeled version of Kaspersky 5 for AV), and this year I'm using Trend Micro Internet Security Pro 2008. Depending on rebates, I might try another new one when my license rolls over. <img src=/S/smile.gif border=0 alt=smile width=15 height=15>

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