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Thread: outlook (sr3)

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    outlook (sr3)

    I stupidly checked the wrong box when using Microsoft Document Imaging. The system now selects Microsoft Document Imaging whenever it finds a pdf file on Outlook attachments. Of course, it doesn't decode those files but it automatically is selected every time I try to read a pdf file. How do I change that designation to remove that selection?


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    Re: outlook (sr3)

    This is a Windows setting, not an Outlook setting. The following description is for Windows XP, it's different in Vista:

    Open Windows Explorer...
    Select Tools | Folder Options...
    Activate the File Types tab.
    Select PDF in the list of extensions (or type PDF).
    Click Change...
    Select the application you want to use from the list (for example Adobe Reader or another program that lets you view PDF files). If the program you want is not in the list, click Browse...
    Make sure that the check box "Always use this program to open this kind of file" is ticked.
    If you'd rather have Windows ask you each tine what to do with a PDF file, click Delete instead of Change. This will remove PDF from the list of "known" extensions.

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