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    Meeintg View when doing Schedule Busy Search (2003 and 2007)

    Is there a way to set the default calendar view so other individuals who are checking for busy times when setting up a meeting won't be able to see what is happening on a busy block when it is clicked? We've just discovered that there's a little display window with busy time and description when each busy time is click. We'd like to change it so that no description displays, just the time. Went to calendar permissions and the default there is none. Does anyone have any hints or suggestions how to solve this one?
    Thanks much, Judy Crawford

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    Re: Meeintg View when doing Schedule Busy Search (2003 and 2007)

    That's very strange - if users have no permission to view another user's calendar, they should only see a colored bar indicating appointments, not descriptions. That's certainly the way it works for me in the office - some colleagues have granted me permission to view their calendar and others don't, and when scheduling a meeting I only see descriptions for appointments of the former.
    Could there be some Exchange-level setting that governs this? I'm not an Exchange administrator, so I don't know what is possible.

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