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    Limit selection in a combo-box based on another (2003)

    Hi I would like to know how to limited the available options in a combo box based on the selection of another combo box, but the first combo box already filters the form for me.

    I have five villages and each village has a selection of customers. If I select 'village b' in combo box 'cmbvillagefilter' the form applies a filter to all customers whos village is 'village b' I would like the second combo box which is called 'cmbSelectCustomer' to only display the customers that match the selection from 'cmbvillagefilter' so I can easily find a specific customer.

    I would like the second combo to use the information, 'CRN' & 'FirstName' & 'Last Name' from the main form.

    Thank you experts!
    Gerbil (AKA Kevin)

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    Re: Limit selection in a combo-box based on another (2003)

    See How to synchronize two combo boxes on a form in Access 2002 or in Access 2003. There are also several examples of cascading combo boxes in this forum, e.g. <post#=132,255>post 132,255</post#>.

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