I have a Compaq PSU (specifically a WTX460-3505, 189643-001, 202348-001) that someone gave me Ö although itís a few years old it has a 24pin power connector much like the newer (socket 775) systems use but, being Compaq (and a law unto themselves) all the leads going into that connector are completely different colours from standard.

From experience I know that Compaq USED to wire their PSU connectors up differently and the colours on the leads suggest they still are but I was rather under the impression that Compaqís and HPís and so used fairly standard mainboards these days so I would presume that means a standard PSU power out.

My problem, of course, is how to find out Ö time was when I would simply switch one on and measure the voltage directly but todayís PSUís donít have switches as such so I donít know how to force one on so I can measure its outputs. So does anyone have any idea whether these things are standard PSUís or not?