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    Format, Etc if Cell Has Formula in it (2003)

    I modified a spreadsheet in a meeting yesterday by adding/subtracting from the cell contents. For example, if cell had 100 in it, I would =100-50 as opposed to hardcoding 50.

    Is it possible to format or do something else to let me know which cells were changed as such. I know I can do control ~ to show but I'd like to see in the other way without having to do control ~...

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    Re: Format, Etc if Cell Has Formula in it (2003)

    If you want to know which cells contain formulas:
    - Select Edit | Go To... or press Ctrl+G.
    - Click Special...
    - Select Formulas, then click OK.
    All cells containing formulas will be selected. You can loop through them using the Tab key, or you can change their fill color, etc.

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    Re: Format, Etc if Cell Has Formula in it (2003)

    <P ID="edit" class=small>(Edited by wdwells on 24-Jul-08 07:42. Attachment replaced; Code revised to allow copying and pasting while maintaining audit trail.)</P>If you wish to take a workbook to a meeting and maintain a record of changes to it; the attached workbook provides an example of one approach. On opening the document you are asked if you wish to create an audit trail during the session. If you respond "Yes":

    <UL><LI>you will be given the choice of keeping any existing trail, or deleting it and starting from scratch. Deleting the the existing trail will delete all comments and highlighting in the document;
    <LI>when any cell in the workbook is changed, it will be highlighted Yellow and a comment will be inserted identifying when it was changed, and the value from which it was changed;
    <LI>you will only be able to select one cell at a time[/list]If you respond "No" (you do not wish to create an audit trail), you will be able to operate without the above noted restrictions.
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