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    Time Zone Change Wreaked havoc (Outlook 2003)

    I traveled to another time zone on business and changed the local time in my Outlook. Upon returning and changing the time back to the correct time zone, my holidays and all-day event span two days. Is there a way to revert all the appointments back to their original states without changing each one individually. Thanks for any help!

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    Re: Time Zone Change Wreaked havoc (Outlook 2003)

    As you have found, you should *never* change the time zone again (unless you move to another time zone permanently). Instead, use Outlook's dual time zone feature:
    - Select Tools | Options...
    - Activate the Preferences tab.
    - Click Calendar Options...
    - Click Time Zone...
    - Tick the check box "Show an additional time zone"
    - Select the appropriate time zone.

    Microsoft has released a tool to update appointments after a time zone change: Time Zone Data Update Tool for Microsoft Office Outlook (free).

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    Re: Time Zone Change Wreaked havoc (Outlook 2003)

    <img src=/S/ranton.gif border=0 alt=ranton width=66 height=37>This issue is a major complaint about Outlook that seriously irritates even Outlook lovers like me. All Day Events are NOT pinned to the date - they are set from midnight to midnight, and Time Zone changes and Daylight Savings changes throw them off by the number of hours involved in the change. This annoyance means that despite the ubiquity of Daylight Savings Time in most countries, any All Day Event which a user creates which won't happen until the after the next Daylight Savings change (either to or from) will, when Daylight Savings begins or ends, straddle two days. Outlook is now over 12 years old and Microsoft has still NOT seen fit to solve this problem.
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