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    3D data (97 SR1)

    I apologise in advance if this should be obvious, but we are trying to find a way of filling a column with 'drilled down' entries on other sheets, i.e. what do you have to to do to get sheet2!a1 to appear below sheet1!a1 (and so on)on a summary sheet, without typing it in longhand?


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    Re: 3D data (97 SR1)

    Try a formula like the following : <pre> =INDIRECT("Sheet"&ROW()-<font color=red>X</font color=red>&"!A1")</pre>

    where the red X should be replaced by a row offset. e.g. If you want the result of Sheet1!A1 to be in row 1 of the summary sheet then X would be 0, but if you wanted in row 10, then X would be 9. You can eplace A1 with the relevant cell address.

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    Re: 3D data (97 SR1)

    Thank you - I got that to work eventually (the sheet names need to be sequential, I think). Glad to know it wasn't blindingly obvious...

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